Pay it forward bucks for ballots Canada 2015


Pay it forward – Bucks for Ballots Canada 2015


To Participate
  • Please find four other people to participate with you in a group with four of you self defined as not poor and one self defined as poor.
  • Meet – arrange a short meeting of all five
  • Pay it forward – the four each contribute $25 and give $100 to the poor person
  • Pledge – all five pledge to each other to do their best to vote in the 2015 Federal Election






for the public record we would like to publish each participation preferably with the names of the participants or as anonymous if desired




Once you have met, payed it forward and pledged to vote in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election please email your list of five participants to


List of participants:


Should we not be outraged that 20% of voters are disenfranchised ?
In January we pointed out that  “Practically speaking The Poor (20% of voters ) are disenfranchised because the poor often do not have time to vote. They are too busy just trying to survive,” said, Poor Vote Turnout .  “To enfranchise the poor, we are calling for the government to bring in a voting incentive program where every voter is given $100 cash when they cast their secret ballot. This money can be clawed back at income tax time from those who are not needy and it will allow a poor person to make their own arrangements to vote.”
So far no Canadian politician has spoken publicly for or against such a program. It is obvious a program of cash incentives for voting will not be a reality in the near future so we are turning away from government to a private solution.
We still maintain in the long run,  a voter cash incentive program should be a government program.


Private Socialism





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