How to boost the poor vote

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What People can do to boost the poor vote
  • Challenge those who believe there is no point in voting
  • Help people get themselves on the voters list
  • Help with voter ID
  • Find individuals to sponsor a very poor personĀ  with the $40 required for acquiring photo ID
  • On election day help with transportation to the poll and with child care
  • Meet people face to face in the community
  • Meet up outside polling stations to plan actions
  • Meet on the day of the week that the election will be held
  • Spread the word – Share
What Government can do to boost the poor vote


  • Allow for additional polls to be held and located at Schools and Colleges and University Campuses and on First Nations Reserves
  • Give a holiday with pay on electron day or on an advance poll day
  • Provide polls and advance polls on wheels
  • Introduce a cash voter incentive program “Bucks for Ballots





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