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A Quest to increase voter turnout by encouraging and  assisting  the poor  to vote in elections

Often governments represent the wealthy, who are a minority of the population. Practically speaking The Poor (20% of voters ) are disenfranchised because the poor often do not have time to vote. They are too busy just trying to survive. Because of this, at election time the poor are forgotten and there are promises  by all parties about what will be done for the middle class.  And now with our perpetual campaigns the poor are being left further behind.

If the poor voted, a government of and for the people would be elected. Fairness and equality would rule; the suffering due to poverty would be over. We would see more policies and programs designed to pull them up through the cracks they have fallen through. We don’t want to just catch them  in the social safety net when they fall through, we want to pull them back up into a decent living.

Could you facilitate outside your civic, provincial or federal polling station 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Tuesdays
to volunteer please email us info@poorvoteturnout.ca
Check out The Leveller ( online publication )

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